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Impact Meter Services: A brief overview

Impact Meter Services (IMS) has developed an effective and professional electricity management system, which is amongst the best in the marketplace today. Skilled staff and the latest technology has been harnessed to maintain standards at an unprecedented level, and even these high standards are continually reviewed to ensure the best service levels possible at all times.

Accurate and punctual billing, recoveries and payments, promotes confidence and trust between IMS it's clients and consumers. With major realty and property development groups entrusting the electricity management of their buildings to IMS, this business has the technical expertise and professional management skills to ensure a first class service to all it's clients.

Impact Meter Services specializes in the metering of electricity that is supplied to multi-tenant premises for which local authority councils only provide a bulk supply. Services range from a full electricity/water management service to a basic meter-reading service for managing agents, and can be adapted according to the specific needs of landlords / building owners / property management agents etc. With an employee base of skilled electricians, IT specialists and expert managers, IMS can provide anything from an all-encompassing electricity management service, to a basic meter reading and invoicing service.

Electricity management is offered in the entire Gauteng area as well as further afield should a viable opportunity arise. IMS offers electricity management services for anything from residential complex's, security estates up to large multi-storey buildings and shopping complexes.

Impact Meter Services is the leading electricity/water reseller in the greater Tshwane area today.


The following advantages can be expected when contracting Impact Metering Services:

  • Improved cash flow for landlords, ie; electricity bills are paid monthly in full by IMS to the local electricity supplier, thereby saving the landlord this outlay.
  • Landlords are relieved of the arduous task of recovering electricity / water account payments from individual tenants.
  • Elimination of bad debt in respect of electricity/water consumption by tenants - Impact carries this risk (Only applicable to premises in respect of which comprehensive electricity management services are supplied).
  • Close relations with local municipal authorities and councils ensure quick and effective resolving of problems or queries, as well as uninterrupted supply of services to a client's premises.
  • IMS has the infrastructure to handle consumer queries, complaints and needs with regards to the electricity/water supply to their respective premises, thereby relieving the landlord from providing additional resources to deal with such issues.
  • By avoiding conflict with tenants regarding electricity / water account issues, landlords can maintain an improved repore with their tenants.

After hours service

As a value added service, Impact Meters provides an after hours service for electricity interruptions till 21H30
Tel 012 763 8200

Electronic Applications

For electronic online applications please click on this link