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Deposit Requirements

  • Rationale & Authority
    Impact Meter Services conducts an electricity/water meter-reading service with the aim of recovering costs incurred by consumers for the electricity and/or water consumed at their respective premises. In turn, Impact pays the electricity/water account for the entire building/complex, in which such consumers are situated, to the local municipal authority, which supplies the bulk electricity/water to that building/complex. Impact Meter Services is therefore the supplier of electricity and or water to it's consumers.

    Being an electricity / water supplier, Impact Meter Services prescribes deposits payable by consumers before an electricity and/or water service will be supplied to a consumer. Local municipal authorities require a deposit for services provided and Impact Meter Services applies the same criteria.

    The reason for this is that meters are read monthly and invoices generally reach our clients approximately a month later. Invoices allow a period of grace for payment, which results in most payments being received approximately two months after the actual consumption period. This means that Impact is continually exposed to the risk of two full months of unpaid consumption. As electricity/water is not supplied on credit, deposits which are equivalent more or less equal to two months consumption, are held in payment of this unpaid period.

    In the case where there is no historical consumption (such as new buildings), deposits are calculated according to square meters of space occupied by tenants.

  • Significance of Deposits

    Consumers will be reminded that the deposit payable for their premises forms an integral part of the actual electricity/water account, and should not be seen as a separate entity. This means that if a deposit it not paid in full, the electricity/water supply for the premises in respect of which that deposit is required, can be discontinued even if the actual consumption has been paid up to date.

  • Increased Deposits

    All deposits are continually revisable. Please refer to the standard terms and conditions under the form folder

  • Deposit Refunds

    Deposits are fully refundable when clients vacate their premises, but will only be paid after the full balance of the final account has been deducted there from. The remaining portion will then be refunded. Conversely, should there still be money owing to Impact Meter Services after the deposit has been credited to the account, the client remains responsible for that account until it is settled in full.

  • Existing Deposits

    Where consumers have existing deposits with other electricity management companies, or with landlords in respect of their electricity accounts, the refund of such deposits to consumers remains an issue between the consumer and the deposit holder.

    Where such deposits are withheld or not refunded by the deposit holder for any reason outside of contract, the consumers concerned are entitled to demand such deposit within a reasonable time (4 to 6 weeks after vacating date is considered a reasonable time). Should deposits not be refunded, consumers may resort to legal recourse to recover such debt from the deposit holder.

    Impact Meter Services remains neutral on these issues, and as a third party, cannot become involved in such deposit recovery procedures. However, the consumer's claim to an existing deposit with a third party does not constitute grounds to waiver the deposit required by IMS.


Persons willing to sign such a surityship should be aware that they will be held responsible for proper and full settlement of the consumer's debt to Impact Meter Services, should such consumer not meet his obligations in this regard.

Any person who is under the age of 18 years of age, and who wishes to enter into an agreement for the supply of electricity/water to a premises with Impact Meter Services, is considered to be a minor. Such persons are required to provide a surityship (forms available at Impact offices) from a person who is 18 years of age or older, who is a SA citizen, who can show proof of income and who has a permanent residential address within the RSA.

Such consumers may at the time of their 18st birthday or thereafter request Impact Meter Services for the return or annulment of such surityship, and enter into a new agreement in their adult capacity at no extra cost to themselves with regard to deposit requirements.

Minors who are unable to provide a surityship may negotiate a service to be provided based upon an increased deposit to be provided as security until such time as the consumer reached 18 years of age. Such negotiation will be done at the sole discretion of the General Manager of Impact Meter Services.

After hours service

As a value added service, Impact Meters provides an after hours service for electricity interruptions till 21H30
Tel 012 763 8200

Electronic Applications

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