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Final Accounts

Final accounts are prepared for consumers who have vacated their premises, based on the meter reading taken on or about the day after they leave, or on the day that IMS received notice that they have vacated the premises concerned. The deposit held by IMS is credited to the account in payment of the last month's electricity consumption at the premises concerned. Should there be any portion of the deposit left, it will be refunded to the consumer via electronic bank transfer.

If the deposit was insufficient to settle the whole final account, an invoice for the difference is sent to the consumer's last known email and postal address. If no payment is received before or on due date, debt collection procedures are initiated.

Consumers are held responsible for electricity / water consumption at a premises until such time as written notice is received from them that the premises is being vacated.

After hours service

As a value added service, Impact Meters provides an after hours service for electricity interruptions till 21H30
Tel 012 763 8200

Electronic Applications

For electronic online applications please click on this link